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For this week’s post originally I was going to write about a new wonderful and exciting place to dream of journeying to in the future. However, I realize being a graduate student at Georgia State , school work can take over and enjoying life (besides finding great places to visit) goes on the back burner. So this week I thought it would be interesting for everyone to at least consider going to do one fun thing in between work, school and the humdrum of everyday life.

The main point of this blog is to remind all of us that we need to LIVE every day of our lives or at least really enjoy one day out of the week. When was the last time you (or with a bff, partner, spouse, enemy, whomever!) went out and had a good time? Well I don’t know about you but I went out last weekend. So now it is your turn…take a look and find an event that meets your time, budget or both and go LIVE.

Why do I keep pushing living? While many people do not think about, death can come at any time. I have lost many family members in a short amount of time…my son lost one of his best friends to a hit and run accident two weeks ago. This was my reminder. It is important that we realize that we will not remember what we read in a text book about our major or what an instructor taught us in class. But we will remember the laughter we shared with our cohort, a trip to a bar with friends, spending time with a loved one at a movie or taking a cruise with our BFF’s.

 So make space on your calendar this week to spend time with a friend, pick an event to share or just call someone you have been too busy to speak to and LIVE!!!! Some of these events may even be great for Valentine’s Day. Enjoy whatever way you choose to LIVE every day.

Don’t forget to click the links to find out more…

Want to act like a kid and play in the Snow? This big mountain is waiting just for you.Stone Mountain's Snow Mountain

Loves wrestling…why watch it on television? See it live at Philips Arena Monday Night.

Want a great musical experience…last year I saw this show about controversial artist Fela Kuti and it was amazing.Fela Kuti In Atlanta


Fela Kuti In Atlanta

Little or no money to pay for expensive stuff to do…try these free activities instead:

Go relive history by visiting the MLK National historic site in celebration of Black History Month.

Interested in art…visit this Art Center on Thursdays from 11 am to 8 pm.

None of these suggestions peeks your interest…

Take a walk in a park and JUST ENJOY the view.


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