Storytelling…with Sophia Petrillo

Picture it (as I channel my inner Sophia Petrillo). It is dark and stormy night and a mortician and his assistant are driving a hearse down a dark country road. A man flags the car down and asks for a ride. The driver says “There’s no room up here but you’re free to jump in back”. The young man hops into the back of the hearse. Tired from walking a long time the young man decides to take a nap in the empty coffin in the back of the hearse. After driving for about an hour, the driver spots another man flagging him down. The second man jumps in back of the hearse grateful to be out of the rain. A few miles down the ride the first man awakes opens the coffin and asks the second man “Are we there yet?” The second man stunned from the coffin opening jumps out the hearse screaming “the dead man came alive” and proceeds to run off down the road. (This story is normally told in a Jamaican accent too.)

Sophia Petrillo Wikipedia 2012

Sophia Petrillo Wikipedia 2012

Many years ago my mother in law told me this story. Now when she told it, it was so funny I damn near peed my pants. After my mother in law passed away, I started telling the story to my kids, our friends and family. Now I know many may not see the humor in the story but nevertheless it has been a funny story to us (especially when told in patois –our Jamaican dialect) and atter times I heard it makes me laugh. It is my belief, that it is the person who weaves the story to engage the listener (or in a bloggers case the reader) that makes a good story teller.

A good storyteller evokes different emotions and is able to get you involved or engaged in the story without you even realizing you have been drawn in. They keep you interested and make you want to know what happened next. Estelle Getty played Sophia Petrillo on the show Golden Girls for many years. This character was a good storyteller not because the stories were great but because she was able draw listeners into the story.

It is important when we blog, to engage the reader with great content so that they will return for more. Who wants to listen to storyteller who always disappoints upon the conclusion? Who would return to a blog when the writer fails to interest the reader? I love a great story…so much that I will listen to it repeatedly or read the same book more than once. Engaging content makes a world of difference.

Have you heard or told a good story lately?


One thought on “Storytelling…with Sophia Petrillo

  1. Tanesha,

    Your story is wonderful and you tell it well – even using the “written” word. It was a great wayt to start. You did a good job – I just wish you had incorporated some of the information on story telling that is available – used the research and content to augment your story and the way you told it.

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