Can social media lead to violence?

For many of us, social media is a malleable surface where we can connect to people, places and things, old and new. The ability of this great medium to connect and do good like raising money for worthy causes is exciting. But is it possible that these connections and the ability to reach others near and far so quickly can lead to violence.

Violence through social media is happening in New York, Chicago and even recently here in Atlanta. I heard a blurb on the radio where two groups of females involved a social media disagreement on Instagram allowed it to escalate to an in person situation of physical violence. Four females went to confront three females at their apartment complex. The three females were waiting for them with more than the instigators expected….This situation landed three of the females in jail on very serious charges.

Does the quick real time ability to respond on social media increase peoples ability to act irrationally? Would these Atlanta females thought more rationally if everyone on Instagram wasn’t “watching”?

Social media is tool that can be used for good or evil…it is important that we choose to use it properly.