Social Media and Me

Social Media and Me

Only two classes about social media and I am officially a blogger. Well not officially (who makes it official anyway..) but I’m well on my way. It has been an interesting first week that helped me realize that I do not have a clue what is going on in the social media world. Honestly, I have never ever considered how much hard work and effort was needed just to keep up with social media. It is interesting that as a future social workers that many of us do not connect that social media can and will play a role in our future careers. So this week I realize that any blogs I post or future blogs will definitely include my personalitybut will remain professional because it is possible foranyone to find in on the world wide web.

It is important for me to remember always be myself in what I am going to write about. No one wants to read something I make up that has nothing to do with me. So making sure I put a piece of myself in each post will make a difference. The same person that I may meet in the field of social work and connect to in person I would like to connect with via this blog. Of course I would not create a blog about my personal life and have my clients reading it because that would cross the client-social work professional boundary. However,  I could have a seperate blog on how to get their kids back or how to access services that would connect with those same clients who use social media.

Sharing my smile and positive attitude into every post will be a great use of self. In contrast, my professional self will also be present because you never know who is going to see what you post or publicize in a public forum. Before writing this post, I researched various kinds of websites on blogs, I spoke to the one friend I know who has a blog  and I sat and stared at the computer trying to figure out what the heck I was going to write. I still don’t know what I’m going to write…lol.

But I am definitely looking forward to jumping into the chaos…so hopefully you will follow me on my exciting social media journey!

P.S.Hopefully after this experience I won’t be locked up with some fellow bloggers shown here…